How it Works

Landline = 01420 83574
Mobile = 07720 862767

Richard the Stumpgrinder arrives with the stumpgrinding machine, tools and appropriate safety gear. The site is assessed for potential risks, in particular underground services near tree stumps.

Access for the self propelled machine will have been discussed at the Get a Quote stage.

Stumps are ground out to a depth well below the surface as required (up to 12″/30cm). Woodchips can fly so screens are used to keep the place tidy and protect nearby windows, cars etc. People should keep well clear of the work area while grinding is in progress.

The resulting mulch, a mixture of woodchips and earth will fill the hole and any surplus will be left on top. This mulch makes a good weed suppressant or can be composted.

A cup of tea often helps make the job run smoothly.